I am Chris, lovingly devoted husband to Andrea & father to Josiah, Micah & Emerie. I am a Sooner living in Atlanta where I serve as Vice President for GiANT Impact and hunt armadillos in my spare time. I enjoy reading, technology, and watching movies with my wife. Sometimes I wear socks with my flip flops just because I can and my family and friends alike either laugh or disown me when I break out into a mean moonwalk. I'm passionate about life and the things in my life that I value most. I'm passive when it comes to those things that I really don't feel deserve a soapbox or lengthy conversation (although I'm afraid others don't share my sentiments). I like to write things that I know no one takes much time to read - which is okay since I like to spend an allocated amount of time each day talking to myself (especially after a well-rounded breakfast).