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Why Innovation?
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Benefit from nearly two decades of experience helping businesses & teams innovate & grow.

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A trusted voice to speak into the areas you’d like to grow as an individual and as a leader.

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I built my first website in 1996 and have been helping individuals & organizations grow online ever since.

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“Chris has an incredible ability to listen, to understand your needs and to put a solution together to help overcome these obstacles. In a company where change is a daily thing, he was the glue that held everything together. You could aways count on Chris to be there for you, innovate new solutions and new systems and, most importantly, to be your friend and confidante.”
Michael Williams ▪︎ Entrepreneur Coach ▪︎ Mosaic
“Chris is extremely innovative in his thinking, work and leadership. He can see the future before others and build systems, strategies and structure to get there. I have seen him navigate incredible change with class, stability and objectivity.”
Chris Carneal ▪︎ Founder, President ▪︎ Booster Enterprises
“Chris is an innovator. He is brilliant at implementing technology, understanding the needs of the organization and implementing necessary changes while communicating well with people. He is a creative who can both facilitate growth and develop products.”
Jeremie Kubicek ▪︎ Founder ▪︎ GiANT Worldwide
“Chris’ knowledge helped me tremendously as my leadership responsibilities grew from an organization of 150 employees to over 1500 currently. He is task oriented, has an understanding of innovation, and is keenly aware of technological advances which can build an organization.”
Dr. Craig Barlow ▪︎ Assistant Superintendent ▪︎ Gwinnett County Public Schools
“Chris developed multiple systems, processes, and programs that had significant organizational impact both in the short and long terms. He is constantly thinking about ways to be innovating, creating, and making those around him more successful.”
Jayson Teagle ▪︎ Executive Director ▪︎ Leadercast

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